Winds of change

A while back, I started a project with a friend of mine. We started a little web calendar project. It didn’t really go anywhere. No worries though, because we ended up with some webhosting space. I used it for a couple of other pet projects, and just a random place that was globally accessable. Well, we’re going to close the site down now. Again, no worries. Instead what we’re going to do is start up another hosting account and put codenoise on it. It’ll be our little corner of the web. Nothing really ambitious, just a place for webmail, my blog, some smallish projects, and whatever else we want to put there. So, to all the millions of neurons that compose the interpreter for the two eyeballs that read this, things will be changing. Whether this will be a good thing, bad thing, or nothing is yet to be determined (though that last one seems the most probable)

So, look forward to the new and improved, coming to a browser near you!


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