Cool Demo!

Back in the day (ok, it was like 8 years ago, but in computer terms, that’s back in the day.) demo’s were a big thing. No, not game demos, or shareware apps, but multimedia demos. They were short graphics clips illustrating the skills of a graphics developer, or team. Sometimes they would have music, sometimes they would just be pretty patterns on the screen. I don’t know what happened, probably me getting busy, and paying less attention, but it seemed that demo’s faded. Oh sure, you’d still find one or two, but it seemed that the heyday was over. Well, perhaps it is, but the demo community seems to be alive and well. A friend of mine sent me a link to a fun demo called Codenoise. No it has no affiliation with me in any way. It’s just a random demo with a cool name. Here’s a link to go check it out. Enjoy!


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