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It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned anything about XML. Well, I just released XMLNode. It’s a library that I’ve been using at work for the last few years. It’s basic purpose in life is to give us a clean interface to data-driven XML documents that we use. It has adaptors to allow us to use STL algorithms to parse, or manipulate the XML. It also provides a straight forward, object tree that represents the XML.

XMLNode is by no means complete. It currently has some destructive tendencies. If you read XML into XMLNode, then use XMLNode to write the tree back out, any comments, or extra white space are removed. We have plans to fix this, and to have a lower level interface that is more DOM like. XMLNode will then become a light wrapper to the DOM that allows STL manipulations, as well as more straightforward object traversal.

I’ll try and post some examples here shortly where XMLNode shines.


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